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DCN Newsletter February 2024


Driftpile Cree Nation Customary Election Regulations Advance and Main Polls

We are approaching a pivotal moment in our community’s journey towards refining our Custom Election Code. This process is now entering its final stage, marked by important opportunities for you to participate and make your voice heard. We are pleased to announce that there will be two advance polls, followed by the main poll.

The first advance poll will take place in Prince George on February 13, offering an early opportunity for those in the area to cast their votes. Following this, the second advance poll will be held in Edmonton on February 20, providing another chance for our community members to participate in this crucial process.

The culmination of these efforts will be the main poll, scheduled to take place in Driftpile at the community hall on February 27. This is the central event where the collective voice of our community will be heard and where the final decisions regarding our Custom Election Code will be made.

Your participation in these polls is not just a right; it’s a powerful way to contribute to the shaping of our governance. Each vote is a statement, a reflection of your views and aspirations for our community. This is your opportunity to play a direct role in the decision-making process and to ensure that our election system aligns with the values and needs of the Driftpile Cree Nation.

We encourage every eligible member to take part in these polls. Your involvement is critical in making this process representative, fair, and aligned with our community’s goals. Let’s come together to vote and make a significant impact on the future direction of our nation. Your voice matters, and now is the time to make it heard.

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Events Calendar

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  • Enterprises Board Meeting: February 2nd, to request to be added to the agenda contact Shawna Willier.
  • Chief and Council Meeting: February 6th, to request to be added to the agenda contact Trina Okimaw.
  • February 12th & 13th, First Nations Indigenous Governance AGM, Cold Lake, AB
  • February 13th, Custom Election Code advance poll in Prince George, BC
  • February 20th, Custom Election Code advance poll in Edmonton, AB
  • February 27th, Custom Election Code Main poll at DCN Community Hall

Exciting Family Day Events Coming Soon – Stay Tuned!

Get ready for a fun-filled experience with our upcoming Family Day events! We’re in the final stages of planning a series of entertaining and engaging activities perfect for all ages. Keep an eye out for our announcement of dates and the release of vibrant, informative posters. These events promise to offer something special for every member of your family. Don’t miss out – stay tuned for more details coming your way soon!

Discover Authentic Art and Fashion at Driftpile Travel Centre

Exciting news for art and fashion enthusiasts! The Driftpile Travel Centre is now a vibrant hub for unique and original artwork and clothing, all created by the talented members of the Driftpile community. This is your chance to explore a wide range of beautiful, handcrafted items that embody the rich cultural heritage and artistic spirit of Driftpile. Whether you’re looking for that perfect gift or a special piece to add to your collection, you’ll find something truly extraordinary here. Come and celebrate the creativity and craftsmanship of Driftpile at our Travel Centre. Your next treasure awaits!