Driftpile Cree Nation

Parent Child Assistance Program (PCAP)

Important Note

PCAP does not provide direct treatment and/or health services but focuses on helping individuals become independent with positive health supports and environment.

Open to DCN Residence

The Parent Child Assistance Program is open to all residents of the Nation, regardless of membership status, ensuring everyone has access to the support they need.

Join us in building a healthier future for our community, one family at a time.

For more information or to enroll in the PCAP, please contact Driftpile Social Development


Parent Child Assistance Program (PCAP)

Welcome to the Parent Child Assistance Program (PCAP) at the Driftpile Cree Nation. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support to pregnant individuals and new parents grappling with substance use, guiding them towards healthier lives for themselves and their children.

What is PCAP?

The PCAP is a dedicated initiative designed to support individuals during and after pregnancy in reducing or ceasing the use of alcohol and/or drugs. Our program focuses on fostering wellness through self-determined goals, ensuring healthy pregnancies, and supporting recovery and maintenance for a brighter future for both participants and their children.

Our Goals

  • To assist participants in reducing or stopping alcohol and/or drug use during pregnancy.
  • To encourage participants to set and achieve personal wellness goals.
  • To support healthy pregnancies and lives for participants and their children.
  • To aid in achieving and maintaining recovery from substance use.

Eligibility Criteria

Primary Eligibility

  • Individuals who are pregnant or up to six months post-partum and may be using substances.
  • Those who have abused alcohol or other drugs during pregnancy.
  • Individuals not currently engaged successfully with Community Service Providers.

Secondary Method

  • Individuals who have delivered a child diagnosed with FASD.
  • Those continuing to use alcohol.
  • Women in their childbearing years, especially those needing more community support due to a high-risk lifestyle and potential for pregnancy.

Referral Process

Referrals to the PCAP can be made through:

  • Self-Referral
  • Family Members
  • Friends
  • Agencies/Departments

We ensure continued support for participants during periods of relapse or continued substance use, emphasizing non-judgmental assistance and care.

Program Services


  • Educational sessions, support groups, and home visits.
  • Transportation assistance to access necessary services.
  • Resource sharing and the provision of good food boxes.
  • Collaboration with clients and Community Service Providers to address substance abuse.
  • Community engagement including awareness training and youth support series.


  • One-on-one support, transportation assistance, and resource sharing.
  • Continued home visits and provision of good food boxes to meet basic needs.


  • Ongoing support groups and educational sessions.
  • Assistance with setting up respite care, child assessments, and applications for Handicap Children Services.