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Dispensary Partnership Opportunity

Driftpile Cree Nation On Reserve Dispensary Partnership Possibility With Realeaf Cannibis

Realeaf Cannabis, a company that partners with First Nations across Canada, has approached Driftpile Cree Nation to explore the possibility of establishing a cannabis dispensary on our Nation. This collaboration represents an opportunity for economic development and partnership within the community, reflecting a growing trend of cannabis companies working closely with Indigenous communities to create mutually beneficial relationships. These partnerships often aim to support local economies, provide employment opportunities, and ensure that a portion of the revenues stays within the community, fostering growth and sustainability.

Driftpile Cree Nation Community Hall for an Open House Information Session

The elected leadership of Driftpile Cree Nation successfully hosted an engaging and informative open house session, and is excited to invite all community members to another upcoming information session. The recent event provided a fantastic opportunity for the community to come together, learn, and discuss the potential for a new partnership that could bring exciting developments to our area.

We were thrilled to share that Realeaf Cannabis, a company known for its partnerships with First Nations throughout Canada, has proposed establishing a dispensary right here on our territory. This represents a unique opportunity not just for economic development, but also for community involvement and empowerment.

Your input is invaluable as we considered this opportunity to potentially collaborate with Realeaf Cannabis. Together, we are ensuring that any development is in the best interest of our community, aligning with our values and goals.

Please keep an eye out for details of the next meeting, and join us for this important ongoing conversation. Let’s continue to come together as a community to explore this proposal and envision the future of Driftpile Cree Nation.

Please  participate in the online survey.

For more information on Realeaf Cannabis and their work with First Nations across Canada, please visit Realeaf Cannabis.

Your presence and participation are what make our community strong. See you on April 16th!

DCN On Reserve Dispensary Partnership Possibility With Realeaf Cannibis


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